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Friday, September 2, 2011


     Linus. One word or name. For most, it should pop up an image from the Peanuts cartoon of a little boy who drags around his beloved blue blanket everywhere. It represents security and love to him and Linus happily carries his blanket anywhere he goes.

     While we don't have a full fledged Linus in our house, JT has taken to loving blankets within the past month. Never mind it's the middle of summer or the fact that JT usually is so sweaty when he cuddles up with his blanket. No, make no mention of it! Our boy is happy being swaddled up in his blanket.

      The blanket he has taken the greatest attachment to is this soft green Christmas blanket that is actually Lindsay's. One night JT grabbed it off of her bed and ever since then, it's "mine". Lindsay is so sweet to let JT use her blanket. Here he is playing in a little tote wrapped up in softness.

I love this shot- he looks so comfy and relaxed on the couch. I'm hoping his love for blankets and being all cozy will stick around through the cold winter months when it will be needed :)

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  1. Oh my goodness!! He is Linus! :D Adorable!