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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of College, New Dorm

     Yesterday was Sarah's 1st day of college! Such an exciting time for her! Tues/Thurs is her light day as she has her Freshman "first class" class and Old Testament class. M/W/F she has 4 classes, which I'm sure will keep her very busy. In all, she is carrying 15 units this semester. That is quite a bit, but I believe she chose wisely and has a good balance of demanding classes with a few "fun", less demanding classes (at least that is what she is hoping!)

     Since I couldn't be there in person for her big day, I did the next best thing- "stole" her pictures from her facebook :) I was tagged in most of these, so it's like they are mine, right?

 Looking beautiful for her first day of college!

 Rocking the backpack....

 Sarah and her roommate, Ariel who had a running class.

 Sarah has made several new friends between being on the bowling team and those living in the same dorm building.

 Having some fun riding the elevator during one of the many welcome week activities.

 Sarah loving college life in the dining hall. They have Blue Bell ice cream available everyday! For those of you not familiar with Blue Bell, it is a high end ice cream you buy in the store and super yummy!

     Sarah is now pretty settled in her new dorm room. I know she will have more pictures to hang up since I know what she brought, but I think for having to move right after she had moved into the first room she is doing great! Thanks so much Sarah for taking these pictures and sharing them with me so I can post them here.

 Sarah's bed. She has requested a step stool because it is a bit high :)
 Next to her bed she has her mirror with Audrey providing inspiration above.

 She and her roommate stacked their dressers in this little nook which is a few feet past the end of Sarah's bed. Great spot for the TV her roommate brought to share.

 Harry Potter still on her closet door, left side now.

 Inside view of spacious closet.

 Under her bed- plenty of storage. Bookshelf, mini fridge (thanks to the Gibson's!), and fan.

 Where many hours of studying will take place.

The desk also provides a great spot to hang more photos of friends and family.

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