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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Courtney's 12th Birthday

     It's hard to believe our baby girl is 12 years old! Sure enough, Courtney is entering the final year before she is a teenager and she was excited as always for her birthday. Since John & I had a prior commitment, we celebrated Courtney's birthday over 2 days. Here is part two of the celebration.

Looking beautiful (and older thanks to contacts) on her birthday!

 Courtney was so sweet to share the limelight with JT and let him help.

 Lindsay's present.

 Lindsay made a decorative storage container for all of Courtney's hair and make up supplies.

 Grandma and Grandpa C. sent a card from California which included a gift card to Justice.

 1 part of the gifts from Mom and Dad. What could it be?

 Courtney saying, "What? Wow!"

  A new bedding set- polka dots and damask

 Her present is a bedroom makeover (once Sarah is at college) New bedding, bedside lamp, and curtains. Courtney will also pick out paint for her room- I think pink!

 The comforter-damask side

 We then headed to Courtney's  birthday dinner choice, a birthday tradition with our family. She chose La Loma's- yum yum! Here is JT digging into the salsa!

 My two favorite men in my life!

 Birthday girl Courtney and big sis Sarah

 Lindsay and Mom

 Later on back at home, we sang Happy Birthday to Courtney.

Courtney chose and baked her birthday cake. This year the theme was white- white cake and frosting, along with chocolate chip ice cream. We love you so much Courtney and we pray that this year God will continue to bless you at school, in your friendships, in your sports, and at home.

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