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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Promotion Sunday

     This past Sunday at our church, it was Promotion Sunday. What that is for most children they move up to their new classroom reflecting their new grade or to an older age group for those not in school yet. For JT that meant a new classroom and for Lindsay and Courtney that meant new Small Group(aka Sunday School group). For John and I, we teach a Small Group in the Middle School ministry, so we were introduced to our new students for the upcoming year.

     JT is in more of a class now where lessons will be introduced and he will get to do more planned ciriculum every Sunday. Since we go to several services, JT gets to play in his classroom for several hours. When we went to pick JT up I was so tickled to find out in his new age group, they will be doing artwork! Nothing more precious than seeing little hands creating beautiful masterpieces! Here are JT's first 2 artworks that he made at church!

 Cotton ball clouds and a bit of coloring. This was hanging on the fridge until last night JT pulled it off and ripped off all of the cotton balls- he he!

 JT's little hand print! I love seeing his little hand captured forever in paint! JT will now remark "JT's yellow hand" when he looks at this on the fridge.

This is my new 8th grade Small Group. I have been blessed to teach the same core group of about 6-8 girls since they started 6th grade. Every year we add a few new faces to our group and they become part of our little "family".  On Sunday we had  11 in our group! I also have 2 new teachers working with me this year. My good friend Erin left the student ministry along with her husband Michael(who was John's co-teacher) to teach an adult Small Group. I miss Erin in our middle school group, but John and I are a part of their adult Small Group! My new teachers are on the far left side- Amber on the bottom row who is a college student and Greta on the top row who like us, is sending her oldest to college this year. I'm looking forward to what this year holds at our church and in our Small Groups. I feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful church family!

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  1. Hey, I helped JT out with that craft! ;) haha. We taught them to "pat pat pat" the cotton balls down. :))