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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Note to Self...

    When you and your husband attend a Volunteer Training program at church titled "Midnight Train" (went from 5:30pm-midnight)... Check your phone before you go to sleep to see if your 2 year old might have enabled the alarm.

     This is a screen capture of my phone early this Saturday morning...AKA- sleep in day. My sweet JT is so savvy at using my iPhone that he can unlock the phone, scroll through all the apps to play "his" games, look at videos/pictures, and now turn on Alarms! 

     The training last night was fun and I ended up going to bed around 1am. It was a rude awakening to hear my little crickets chirping at 5:45am from my phone to wake me from my slumber. I was mildly amused to see that JT not only turned on my main alarm, but turned on all 3 of my alarms. A few little "slides" of buttons and I happily returned to my sleep for another couple of hours :) I will now check every Friday night to ensure my alarms haven't been turned on by JT. Lesson learned.

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