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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Playing with Snow

     Is it possible to play with snow in the middle of August? It sure is if your "snow" happens to be baby powder! Several months ago when JT had a nasty and resistant diaper rash, we tried just about every type of remedy including baby powder. His bottom was so tender that he fought us during changing time. In an attempt to distract him and help him lie still, we would call the baby powder snow and ask JT if he wanted some "snow" on his bottom. The trick worked and now he will call the powder Snow.

 This was the source of JT's delight today. A small powder bottle (thank goodness). Notice the sticker seal that is on top- that remained on top during his playtime (another thank goodness!) I was switching over some laundry and JT was playing with his cars and trucks in the dining room. I heard him make a strange noise which I thought almost like a choke/cough sound, so I went to make sure everything was ok. Keep in mind I had been in the laundry room maybe 30-45 seconds when I heard this, so not a lot of time had passed.....

 This is what greeted me. Caught white handed! Love the look he has- Guilty as charged!

 I'm sure the cough was from the powder "smoke" that came out when he shook the bottle.

He looks quite pleased with himself. What amazed me was how the powder came out despite having the sticker seal on the top still.

He was a powdery mess! JT smelled wonderful though :)

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