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Friday, August 19, 2011

Growing Up

     We have been going though several old photos this week. Lindsay needed a baby photo for yearbook  they do every year for the 8th graders. Saw some absolutely adorable photos of Lindz as well as some shots of her sisters from when they were very young. Then with Sarah packing up her room for college and organizing what she wants to keep, toss, and take she found some old photos as well.

     The pictures I'm posting today are from Chuck E Cheese. For any of you that have been in recent years, you might know one of the "best" (In my opinion) games there is the sketching photo booth. For just 1 token, you and as many of your family/friends squeeze into the photo and it produces a black and white photo as if it had been sketched with a pencil. Always fun to do! Anyhow, Sarah came upon one of the sisters from 3 1/2 years ago and Oh my what a difference! I couldn't believe how much all 3 have changed in such a relativity short amount of time. The girls happened to have gone about a month ago to Chuck E Cheese, so we have a great comparison. Take a look.

 The girls back in January of 2008

Their photo from July. It would look different now since Courtney started wearing contacts since this last photo. Beautiful then and even more beautiful now inside and out!

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