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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Up the nose

     Don't let this cute little face below fool you. It's his cover that he makes messes, throws fits sometimes, and causes unnecessary stress for his Mommy. He is loved through and through despite his shortcomings :)

     Yesterday during lunch, Sarah sat with JT at the table while I picked up the morning toy messes. After a few minutes, Sarah called for me- "Mom I think JT stuck a raisin up his nose!" I run in the dining room and look into JT's nose. At first I didn't think I saw anything, it was all dark inside- LOL! So I turned on the light, tilted JT's head back for a better look, and sure enough a bit up his nose I see a raisin!!! Oh my gosh I think, what am I going to do? I picture me having to rush him to the Dr to have the raisin removed, will it come out, how far up is it?

     I decided to try and get it out myself first so I sent Sarah to grab some tweezers from my bathroom. I plugged JT's other nostril and instructed him to Blow! Well he thought that meant blow out of his mouth which he did perfectly. I told him to blow his nose which he tried, but nothing happened. Sarah returns with the tweezers and both of us held JT's head and arms still while I carefully attempted to pull the raisin out. It took 2-3 tries, but thankfully I grabbed it and pulled it out!

     I don't know what possessed JT to stick that raisin up his nose, but our new motto for food is "Food is for our mouths, not our noses!" Ah the joys of having a toddler in the house- never a dull moment!

I snapped a quick picture with my cell (sorry it's blurry) after I pulled it out so I could show John what fun he was missing out on being at work.

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