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Friday, August 12, 2011

Day of Firsts

     This week marked the first day of school for Lindsay and Courtney. Lindsay is now the "big kid on the block" at school and is now a 8th grader and Courtney is now a seasoned middle schooler in the 7th grade.

 Lindsay started out her morning with Toad in a Hole for breakfast.

 Courtney decided that a bowl of cereal sounded yummy.

 Why a random shot of John in this blog post? Well, it was his first day too! He started a new job on Monday! He now works at OHL at their corporate HQ and works on Special Projects and as a Corporate Trainer for WMS. 

 The girls getting their converse on

 Mini photo shoot time before school

 Cool new backpack

 Lindsay rocking skinny jeans

 Lindsay also got a new backpack too!

 Sisterly Love

Love Black and White photos!

 I had to include this pic- Lindsay had just "tased" Courtney and I captured her reaction perfectly.

 John ready for his 1st day along with his girls

Yep, I did the "Mom thing" and took a picture as the crew headed off to start their day- LOL!

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