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Monday, August 8, 2011

Courtney's Birthday- Aunt Cathy and Nanny

     We celebrated Courtney's 12th Birthday this past weekend! Her birthday was on Friday, but due to John and I having a all night training at church, we spread out Courtney's celebration over 2 days. Made for a fun weekend! On Friday, Courtney opened up gifts that Aunt Cathy and Nanny had sent in the mail. Since they live so far away, I like to take as many pictures of the opening and put them up here. That way they can enjoy at bit of the fun and enjoyment of the gift opening via the blog :)

 Aunt Cathy's Gift 

 Happy Birthday Courtney!!!

 Barnes and Noble gift card! JT's little hand wanting to help.

 Aunt Cathy also included 3 nail polishes. She has already painted her fingers with the new polish!

 Next was Nanny's package :)

 JT quickly picked up on the birthday atmosphere and kept exclaiming SURPRISE! as Courtney opened gifts.

 JT helping out a bit.

 Open mouth gasp! Could it be what the box is???

Yes it is!! Converse shoes!

Pink of course :)

     Thanks to Aunt Cathy and Nanny for taking time to send Courtney her gifts. She loves them all and she loves you both so much!

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