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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Color Purple

     Last night I was vacuuming downstairs toward the end of the evening. Much to my surprise, I discovered that my little boy had become an artist sometime during the day. He must be practicing his undercover tactics because I didn't notice or hear him doing this at all! A little reality check for me to step up my Mom ears and eyes for JT :)

This is what I discovered while vacuuming the dining room. Purple on the blinds and window sill.

 I asked JT if he had colored this and he ran over, said, ""Yeah, color" and started to reenact what he did! I took a brief moment to explain to JT that he isn't to color on anything but his coloring book, not sure if that little PSA worked, but hoping at least a little.

 I then walked around the rest of the downstairs to find purple scribbles on the computer desk...(JT showing off his handiwork again)

 On the side table in the living room... this kid is quick!

 Thankfully, for JT's as well as our furniture's sake, this little tool saved the day! Magic Eraser- love it! Didn't have this little gem for the girls, so I do appreciate it for JT's  little accidents.
All smiles by the clean window area.

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