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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Odd Sleeping Spot

     This morning as I went to wake up Lindsay and Courtney, I looked into JT's room across the hall like I usually do. I noticed that I saw his favorite green blanket on the glider. "How odd.", I thought to myself as I know I covered JT up with the blanket last night. I looked a little closer into the dim room to find JT was with the blanket on the glider sleeping! Not sure what caused JT to change sleeping locations during the night, but it made for some morning conversation among the family.

 My view from JT's doorway

 I had to come into the room to see his little face.

I risked waking him up to get one more shot with the flash. Success! I'm sure glad children are so flexible and can sleep most anywhere. Just looking at JT sleeping like this made my neck and back ache!

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