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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Choo Choo

     JT has discovered a new toy that he is enjoying- Trains! He recently got his first train track, Thomas train, and a few cargo cars. JT will play for quite a long time with his track set and Thomas has been making many trips during the day around the house and on errands in the car. It's cute to hear JT exclaim "Pom-ass!" when he wants to play or is looking for his Thomas train.

 Waiting patiently for Daddy and Lindsay to set up his track.

 Up the steep hill and curve!

 Cargo train cars have hay and fireworks that can come in/out of their containers.

 Love how intent his face is focusing on his train

Choo Choo!!!

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  1. Victoria, he's looking so grown up! Tell him to stop it =) Cute pics ;-)