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Monday, September 12, 2011

Empty Cones

Trying to catch up on the blogging world this week!

When JT gets hungry he will now go to the pantry and say Eat, Snack! Quickly followed by a Please at my insistence- got to help shape his manners :) One day, JT noticed the box of ice cream cones in the pantry. He exclaimed Eye Creeem!!! I explained that we didn't have ice cream (not would he get any since it was only 10 am), but would he like to have a cone? "Yeah!" was JT's excited response. Since Finn was here for the day, I asked if he would like one and he replied yes. Thinking the boys would just take a bite or two, I gave them their cones and snapped some pictures of them eating their empty cones.

 Much to my surprise, they loved eating them!

 Finn was being quite cheesy this morning...

They were so cute sitting on the window sill and eating their snack- gearing up for more play time!

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