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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Florida out takes

     The last entry from our Florida trip. Just a few odds and ends from the camera phones from the family. It was a fantastic trip and we all hope to do it again in the future. JT talks about it several times a week of when "He went to Florida and went to the beach."

JT was ready to hit the beach!

Sisters relaxing on the loungers.

Car was loaded up to the max with beach gear!

All of us got some sun. John got a LOT of sun! At least his eyes were protected and he provided entertainment for the family and strangers during the trip.
Headed out to dinner.

Waiting to be seated for dinner.

Scared of her huge meal. Can she eat it all?

Thumbs up for the huge burger.

Morning snuggles with Sarah.

Nice mullet Lindsay!

John was hoping for some hair, but maybe not quite this color!

Sarah trying out some dreadlocks.

Peace Out Florida!

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