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Thursday, September 19, 2013

JT's first sport

     The time has come for JT to begin his official sports career. His first sport, soccer. This summer, JT really enjoyed many evenings in the backyard dribbling the ball and playing with his sisters. He would keep asking when he could play soccer, so John and I decided to sign him up for his first club season this fall.

 After buying all of his new soccer gear, JT was ready for his first ever practice! He was SO excited!

 Our little star sat patiently in his chair while John tied his cleats.

 While we waited for his Coach and the rest of the team to arrive, JT and John warmed up.

 He approaches every kick with gusto!

 The soccer field is HUGE. There are several age groups ranging from 4 to I imagine 16/18 years that practice at the same time. To give you an idea of how big this field is, the largest size soccer field(maybe close to a regulation size?), this entire area can fit 4 deep and 2 across-8 total large fields here. 

 Great  shadow shot.

 JT's under 5 soccer team. Except for the little boy in the batman shirt, that is the Coach's younger son and he joins the group often.

 Lots of learning the basics- kicking, stopping, and that we don't run for the ball after it's out of bounds. That last skill is tough to master at this age.

 Thumbs up to Coach that JT is ready.

 The team even scrimmaged a bit.

 Fighting hard to get the ball.

 JT stayed with it and scored!


 Nothing but focus on the ball.

 Another thumbs up to Mom and Dad for his efforts.

 I have NO clue what JT was doing here, but this picture is simply hilarious!

A very sweaty boy who had a great first practice. Mid 90's for our first week of soccer is not what we envisioned, but hoping some fall weather comes soon.

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