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Monday, September 16, 2013


     With JT getting older (as well as the little one's I babysit), I thought it would be fun, as well as good idea, to start doing some more focused early enrichment activities. We refer to this time as "lessons" and the kids get very excited when it's Lesson Time. Much of the focus is on letters, numbers, shapes, colors, as well as basic skills that will be utilized when kindergarten starts for the children. 

Here is some of what we worked on during our first week. For JT, I'm working on helping him learn to write his letters and numbers as he has shown great interest himself. For our younger friends, some simple pre-writing practice of lines is the perfect place to start.

JT feels like such a big boy using a pencil. He proudly writes his name at the top of his papers.

Matching upper and lower case "A's".

For Mason and Ella, they use crayons. Easier to manipulate with the size and provide reinforcement with their colors.

Horrible lighting, but JT scored 100%!

Working on drawing straight, slanted lines.

Great job Mason!

Nice work Ella!

What a great first writing worksheet!

JT gets some extra work with his letter sheets.

He was reciting how to draw the letter- "down and around".

Of course that tongue! I wonder if he will outgrown this quirk of his?

Happy little student!

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