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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Beach Photos-Group Shots

     It's been an extremely busy season around the Apedaile6 house. Sarah returning to college, the girls back to school, John in a busy travel period for work, and lots of lots of activities! All of these things have kept me away from my computer and blog more often than I'd prefer, but I'm embracing this season of hustle and bustle.

     In the meantime, I'll try to wrap up the last few posts from our trip to Florida. On to- group shots! This was a bit of a challenge in that we utilized the timer function on our camera. John would set up the shot on the tripod, hit the 10 second timer, then rush back to fit into our group while everyone smiled. JT was of course the wild card in this shifting positions, playing in the sand, looking down We made the most of it and we had a few shots that I love.

 The best standing shot.

 JT demonstrating his attempt to get back in check for the photo.

Or it was more fun to play in the sand with his feet and stare into the distance.

 How did we end up with daughters with so much hair? Glad we passed something good hair wise to them.

  I liked how the sitting down family photos turned out. Love this crew!

 Some of just the kids.

 How cute is this?!?

 I liked the girls position better here, but JT's face was a bit squished.

 Light was fading quickly and a nice couple offered to take a shot of us with the sand and Gulf in the background.  

 Our little loves at the waterfront.

 Melts my heart seeing them holding hands.

 Crash went the waves against JT!

 His lower half was soaked!

 Big hug from Sarah.

Solved the wet pants by letting JT strip down to his Green Lantern undies and take the short walk back to the hotel.

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