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Friday, November 1, 2013

Carving it up!

     As Halloween was approaching, it finally was time to carve our pumpkins! We were all excited and prepared the carving station with plastic wrap, scoops, little carving saws, and lots of templates.

JT started off so eager to start as John cut his lid.

Excited Lindsay looking through the template books for the perfect design.

JT's pumpkin was stingy and needed some muscle power to be lifted off.

JT did the honors of lifting the lid off. This is going to be fun!!!

Or maybe not. How I quickly forgot(since we don't carve more than once a year), but JT's strong aversion to how a pumpkin smells was still present." P-U! This is SO STINKY !" is all JT kept saying.

While JT played in the nearby living room, John started in on his massive pumpkin.

The guts!

Scooping the goop out.


Fun family time.

We found a slight remedy for JT's pumpkin issue. Tissue stuffed up his nostrils.I'm hoping he outgrows this aversion.

One of 3-4 saws that were broken over the course of the evening.

JT consulting Courney on her template choice. He requested an angry face.

Me trying a trick with my lid to make carving and candle lighting easier. I thought my lid looked like something I could wear.

In the thick of carving. Lindsay chose a challenging design this year.

Shot of my jack o lantern in the making.

The Results....
JT and Courtney's Angry Guy Face

Lindsay's Running Frankenstein. Voted best jack o lantern by the family.

My Mummy or as JT called it Puppy Dog. The "strips" of fabric that were supposed to be hanging off the side looked more like dog ears when I lit up my pumpkin.

John's robot R2D2. I didn't realize what a horrible photo I took of this last night. Pretty cool result.

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