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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Zoo Day

     This past weekend we took advantage of the cooler temps and headed to the zoo!  Besides a few little showers midday, it was a beautiful day.

The animals were happy to have pleasant weather and seemed more active than when we last went in late summer.

The kids in the meerkat observatory. 

Most exciting was the new kangaroo exhibit! It's a gated, yet open access area with about 20 or so kangaroos. You can touch the kangaroos if they approach the paved walkway. This was as close as we got to one- almost! Maybe next time JT can touch a kangaroo.

We were entertained with the large birds that also share the exhibit with the kangaroos and how it spooked the kangaroo. It would hop closer, then back up as the bird fluttered on the grass.

Even the always sleeping tiger was up and moving!

In front of the flamingos just as the sky opened up with rain. Perfect time for some lunch inside.

After lunch and visiting a few more animals, we headed to the carousel.

As you can see, JT chose the mighty lion.

I think this happy face sums up just how much he loved his ride.

Never too old to ride.

JT scored a 2nd trip with sister Lindsay being his guard.He giggled in delight much of this ride.

My personal favorite, the elephants! We saw a new male elephant being introduced to the trio the zoo already has. He visited for about 15 minutes with the zookeepers, then returned to the back. 
It was so nice to go enjoy the zoo with less crowds and agreeable temperatures. Hoping to get a few more visits in this season before it gets too chilly.

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