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Friday, November 22, 2013

Volleyball banquet

     Courtney's first season as a high school athlete has come to an end. She had a fun, yet tough, freshman year on the JV volleyball team. We celebrated all of the Lady Bucs at a banquet recently.

The night started off with a photo booth area.

 Freshman girls.

The entire JV volleyball team and Coach(top left).

The 2 Courtney's. They are just called by their last names by their teammates.

Courtney being one of the shorter members on the team-who also wore flats- stood far below most of her friends.

Courtney and Britta. They have been friends since we first moved to Tennessee and teammates for 3 years.

Taylor and Courtney having some fun with the props in the photo booth.

JV team having fun.

A like minded girl who wore flats ;)

JT got in on the action of being among beautiful young ladies.

Ladies man.

Trying to fit in with the older crowd.

I mustache you, "Do I look adorable?"

After the all the photos had been taken, we moved on to JT's favorite part. The dessert themed food table. He was in heaven and honestly had to be reigned in a bit. The coaches all spoke highly of our awesome daughters and also had a video montage. Though I didn't record it, just imagine a 4 year old boy loudly singing along to the background music of Katy Perry's "Roar". I know some of his "performance" ended up on some of the players Instagram accounts. Priceless parenting moment.

Shortly after his stellar performance and sugar crash, JT crashed on my lap for the remainder of the banquet.

Courtney was presented with her Freshman Athletic Award.

Courtney's school sports photo.

The JV team photo.
     Though the season is finished, the team is still doing post season conditioning during their usual practice time during school. We will also be starting club ball this coming January like we did last year. I've discovered that high school sports is no joke and much training and preparation is necessary just about all year long. Looking forward to how Courtney and her team will continue to grow next season.

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