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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thankful Tree

     November seems to be the month that many just want to rush through in effort to get closer to Christmas and all the wonder that holiday brings. Poor Thanksgiving. Besides eating mass amounts of food and now the ability to shop on this "holiday", it kinda gets the short end of the stick.

     The past year or two I've seen something during this month called 30DOT or in full written English, Thirty Days of Thanks. Typically posted to Facebook and/or Instagram, people give a shout out to what they are thankful for each day this month. I decided to put a spin on it for the Apedaile6 family and make our first annual Thankful Tree.

 We started out by taping some brown card stock on a wall in the small hall leading to the kitchen.

 With the help of my creative child, Lindsay, she drew the outline for the tree.

 A bit hard to capture in a photo, but she created a beautiful bare branched tree.

 While Lindsay made the tree, Courtney helped by cutting out pieces that had been sketched.

 The tree all ready to be filled with thoughts of thanksgiving. .

While the girls were hard at work on the tree, I was busy making LOTS of leaves for our Thankful messages. With a family of 6, you could imagine just how many leaves we will need!

 Courtney placing her first thankful leaf.

 Followed by Lindsay.

Then JT at the top. 

Here is how our tree looked after a few days.

A current photo from this morning. Sarah just sent me hers to add to the tree and when John returns tomorrow from his work travel, he has some catching up to do. I'll be sharing the tree at the end of the month and some of the highlights from this activity. Loving it so far and we are just hitting the halfway mark.

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