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Monday, November 4, 2013


     This Halloween was one where we closely watched the weather reports up until the last minute. In the days prior, there were big talks of a large storm and possible tornadoes. We prepared JT to be ready to postpone Trick or Treating by one day if it was stormy.

While it rained much of the day, there was a few hours where a brief pause was held on the rain and threatening weather. We decided to move forward with Halloween on the 31st.

We started off by heading to Zaxby's for dinner. Kids dressed in costume received a free kids meal. Yum!

Super Heros ready...

get set...

go Trick or Treat!!!

Lindsay and JT ready with some glow sticks to keep them visible in the dark.

Once JT had his mask on I didn't want to ask him to take it off because I figured he would want to stay that way. Instead, we have lots of photos of him in full costume.

Lindsay was Bat Girl, a perfect pair with her little brother. Side note, Courtney was at a friends house with several girlfriends having lots of fun.

This was JT's best year for Trick or Treating! He was excited, enjoyed the decorations, and didn't tire until the last 3 houses. 

At one of our neighbors houses we found the largest pumpkin stem ever! Lindsay couldn't even wrap her hand around it!

Time for the sorting to begin! JT is getting more familiar with what foods have peanuts or he will ask if he's not sure. Thankfully not too many landed in his bag.

Lindsay had quite the collection as well!

     Besides it being quite windy during our outing, it was a very nice evening. There was a smaller crowd than usual as some subdivisions (not ours) had previously postponed Trick or Treating by one day due to the expected weather. Looking forward to Halloween next year!

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