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Friday, November 8, 2013

Croft House at the Zoo

     Towards the end of our zoo trip, I spotted some beautiful autumn trees and told John I wanted to head over and take a few photos of the kids. I just LOVE fall and all the beauty it brings, so I wanted to capture some of it on "film".

Turns out all of the beauty was coming from the Grassmere Historic home and farm. It's a place in the zoo that we have walked by, but never  explored. What a gem we had missed!

This home was built in 1810 and is the 2nd oldest house in Davidson County(Nashville) that is currently open to the public. It's not open very often, but we read that the Croft house, pictured above, will be decorated and open for tours during the weekends in December. Putting that on the agenda of must sees this year!

There were several smaller buildings behind and to the side of the main house. I believe most were used for cooking and smoking meats as to not heat up the house too much in the summer. 

One of JT's favorite poses with his sisters.

Watching and patiently waiting for a breeze to knock some leaves off the trees.

One of his favorite catches!

On the front steps

No porch in the south is complete until you have some rocking chairs.

My "No Shave November" husband with our at home crew. *Always missing and thinking of our Sarah who is hard at work at nursing school. 

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