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Thursday, June 5, 2014

First Tooth Fairy Visit

     This has been several months in the making, but JT has lost his first tooth! The timing worked out perfectly to give him the special distinction of losing his first tooth on his 5th birthday. It will be an easy "first" to remember.
In the weekend leading up to JT's birthday, his tooth got to that "bad" loose stage. Where it is just hanging on by a thread of gum tissue but won't quite budge.
Lindsay, the master tooth puller, gave JT some excellent wiggle tips.
On his birthday, JT even took to eating some apple slices to help the tooth come out.
While it was a tasty snack, it didn't work.
During JT's post birthday dinner swim, Courtney noticed the tooth looked like it was about to fall out. So JT came to John to have a look and see. Just a little pull....
and out it came!!! JT said it sounded like a "click" when his tooth came out.
JT was so excited that his tooth finally came out!
"It's so small!", JT declared about the tooth in his hand.
Not only did he turn 5, he managed to age himself with his new space.
That night he placed his tooth under his pillow and the next morning he was so excited to flip back his pillow to see if the Tooth Fairy visited.
JT was thrilled to see in the baggie 2 quarters and some "green money". He immediately placed his money in his piggy bank.
Looking forward to seeing how his smile evolves as more teeth come out and his big boy teeth come in.

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  1. How adorable! JT seems really eager to have have his tooth pulled out. I bet he was more than happy to have his Dad help him pull it out. Anyway, I've always loved the tooth fairy tradition. I think it's the second most exciting part of our childhood, next to Santa Claus of course. Haha! All the best! :)

    Leigh Hamilton @ Arborridge Family Dental