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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Special Gift from a "June Mom"

     Over the past few months JT has developed a new love for one of his bedtime buddies- a plush animal that John bought during one of his trips. It came from Kohl's in their $5 giving back to the community book/plush collections. We realized that if JT kept up with loving this animal as much as he has been, his animal would be in sad shape quickly.
     First, we looked online for a duplicate with no luck unless we wanted to pay nearly triple the face value price- stupid greedy people! Next, I took my request to a special group of ladies that I have grown close to over the past 5 1/2 years, my "June Mom's".
     What exactly is "June Mom's" you ask? It's a group of nearly 200 women who were all due to give birth to their child in June of 2009. It originally formed on the "What to Expect When You're Expecting" message board when we were all expecting. There, we all had screen names and discussed things such as remedies for morning sickness, feeling that first kick, and eventually we all shared the precious moments when our child was born. Over time, this group has moved to Facebook where we all have come to know one another, our families, and lives. Though largely comprised of women from the U.S. we also have several from Canada and a few from other parts of the world such as Israel and Australia.
     Through our interactions, we have become a pretty close knit community. We have shared many highs, lows, expansions of families, as well as the tragic moments when our a few of our "June bugs" lives have been cut far too short. Despite our melting pot of backgrounds, we come together to share our love of our now turning 5 year olds and all that comes with raising our children. I have had the pleasure of meeting a June Mom in person, Ravi, and I talk daily to several on the phone. It's a unique way to make some friends, but I'm so thankful for what each of them brings to my life.

     Back to the story. I took a photo of JT holding his beloved plush animal and asked if anyone happened to have an extra or one of these animals that wasn't being used that would be willing to send it here to JT. No later than 5 minutes passed and we had located one! Heather had one of the animals on hand with the tags still on! She offered to put it in the mail right away for JT. I was so excited and once again amazed at the power of our group has in helping one another out. Side note, one little fact about Heather I love is she is from my hometown area of Fresno/Clovis. In fact, her June bug will be going to school where I myself attended as a child!

The package arrived the Friday before JT's birthday, so we decided to hold on to it for JT's big day.

Love JT's expression as he is revealing what is inside.

The happiness is growing.

It's the Go Dog Go plush!

JT fell back in excitement and was flying his Dog though the air.

Heather, thank you once again for sending this plush animal to JT. As you can see, he is very much in love with his new Go Dog Go.

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