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Monday, June 9, 2014

Reading from afar

        This past week John resumed a busy out of town travel schedule for work. It's been a real treat having him home most of the time during the past 3-4 months. As expected, JT had a bit of a struggle with the new schedule, especially at bedtime. John and I each read a book to JT every night, so John's presence was missed on night one.
     John and I spoke after I got JT down about how we might be able to help JT. I suggested an idea for future travel, but John had something better in mind. Another reason why I love this guy so much and just a testament of what a fantastic Daddy he is.

The very next evening we FaceTimed John at bedtime and talked about our day. What John did that was such a surprise was to go an purchase a book at the store to read to JT! Look at the happy face of our boy- a far cry from the night prior.
John went on to read the new book to JT.
Reading using this technology went very smoothly.

After John read the book, John did all of the usual goodnight wishes, sweet dreams, and I Love You's. Then we said bye to John and I finished the rest of the routine on my end.
     I was happy to report back to John a few minutes later that JT went to sleep just like he usually does when John is at home. Huge success!


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