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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

College Visits

About a month ago John and Lindsay headed out for several days to tour some universities. It was a jammed packed trip visiting 3 universities in just over three days in 2 different states!

On the first morning, Lindsay was ready to look at a private university located in East Tennessee.

Carson Newman

This was by far the smallest university of the three with an enrollment of around 1,800 undergrads.

Personal Welcome for those touring

Dorm room- looks pretty spacious!

Common area in dorms

Lindsay enjoyed her 1st ever college tour at Carson Newman. She decided after visiting all three that this university probably isn't the one for her. That's all part of this process is seeing first hand what the university looks and feels like along with knowing what the school can offer. I'm excited to see Lindsay go through the process of finding the perfect fit for her college years.

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