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Friday, August 7, 2015

Ride on the Lake

Another first for JT at my work party- his first time to ride on a motor/speed boat! JT has been on a pontoon aka House boat, but this was a special treat to be close to the water and go a bit faster.

 All of the kids and just 2 adults filled the boat. That made Lindsay and Courtney in charge of photos for me.

 Need to capture as many of these toothless grins as possible! It won't be much longer until his adult teeth break though.

 Sibling love

 Such a lucky boy to have such adoring big sisters

 JT with his friends Cade and Cole.

 The girls captured some beautiful photos of the sun setting while on the lake.

The littles had a blast on the boat and it was so nice of Mr. Gary to give them a ride.

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