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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Looking through 13 years of Firsts

  With Lindsay starting her Senior year, its bound to be a year of reflections for many in our family. During the summer, we were approached by a production company to participate in a project that has to do with Lindsay's senior year. I hoping to be able to share this with you soon, but it sparked me having to look through all of the years of photos I've taken of Lindsay on the first day of school.

   It was so much fun looking through the photos and now we can have a quick snapshot of Lindsay growing up before our eyes. It's cliche to say, but it is oh so true- your children grow up in a blink of an eye. Treasure each an every moment with them, because all too soon, they will be gone.

     Here are Lindsay's photos through each year of school.


 1st grade- the last school she attended in California.

2nd grade- the first year we were in Tennessee.

 3rd grade with her teacher- these next few years were the most difficult to find as that is when we started going to full digital and not everything is located in the same place.

 4th grade with Mrs. Hatcher. One of our all time favorite  teachers for our family. She taught Lindsay and Courtney in back to back years and to this day still stays in touch with our family.

5h grade

6th grade- the start of middle school

 7th grade

 8th grade

 The start of high school- freshman year

 Sophomore year

Junior year

 Senior year!

Class of 2016!!!

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