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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Date with JT

Every so often, I take JT out on a "date". What that means is he and I do something fun together just the two of us. JT gets so excited for dates with me and has even on occasion gone on a date with his sisters. He is one loved little boy.

Before we headed out, Lindsay took our photo. JT's shirt is a big clue of where we were going- we went to a baseball game! We went to watch the Nashville Sounds AAA basesball team. Cool thing is they are the AAA team that feeds (is that the correct term?) for the Oakland A's- which is our favorite team, pretty cool!

That night was a special giveaway at the ballpark- a Sounds fleece blanket! JT was so excited to be one of the 2,000 fans to get one. I was able to convince him we needed to leave it wrapped up during the game and not get it out.

We then went to the stadium store and JT got his first Nashville Sounds T-shirt! He's worn it several times since getting it.

Right after leaving the store, JT was able to meet Booster- the mascot for the Sounds. JT loves Booster so much and was clearly excited to meet him personally.

JT has already figured out that stadium hot dogs taste extra yummy.

Though it was a hot summer night, we had a great time! 

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