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Saturday, August 22, 2015

University of Tennessee

For their second visit, John and Lindsay headed to Knoxville (about 3 hours east of us) to tour what we Tennessean's call UT. John has told me that UT is often known at University of Texas, but not here in SEC land. It's the main campus of the University of Tennessee state schools.

One of the most notable alumni from UT is a quarterback you may have heard of-Peyton Manning. Oh and football is HUGE here- huge!  I haven't had the chance to go to a UT football game, but perhaps that will change if Lindsay chooses to attend UT.

Here is a photo I found showing the type of crowd their football games draw. It has a seating capacity of over 100,000!!! Also, it doesn't matter how good or bad they are doing- UT always draws a big crowd! Loyal fans to say the least.

John and Lindsay forgot the camera in the car, so it was a phone camera kind of tour.
Lindsay at the Welcome Entrance.

Good 'ole Rocky Top- that is a song that is often played for anything UT.

If you haven't noticed yet, at UT they bleed Orange! Equally as large as their football games, UT Knoxville has an undergrad student enrollment of around 27,000. Both John and Lindsay said that despite it being such a large campus, they manage to keep it feeling "small" and have a strong sense of community among many areas.
Great use of the selfie stick. I think the background of the block "T" and the #futurevol was so cute.

One of the different options of dorms UT offers. I like how open it looks for a dorm room!

UT gear!

Doesn't she already look like a young woman in college? She has the casual, yet cute look down!
Lindsay really liked the UT campus and said its already a top contender. They have many of the programs she is considering majoring in and she loved the feel of the campus.

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  1. These tours make it so real! I can't believe she's going off to college next year. You should have her tour USF just for funsies and vacation time down here! :)