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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sweet Sixteen

It's a year for milestone birthdays for half of the kids this year. Our baby girl turned 16 yesterday! This was the first time in many years that Courtney wasn't in school on her birthday- we are starting a bit later this year- Yay! It was a fun day of celebrating Courtney as a family.

 Courtney woke up to find the house decorated with a variety of balloons and streamers. 
Our Sweet Sixteen Girl

 Before I headed to work, we went to breakfast at Courtney's favorite place- Waffle House! 
Chocolate Chip Waffle for the birthday girl.

 Waffle House Kids

Courtney didn't have a full day of relaxing and fun, she had some work to take care of, she might not have had school, but she did have a 3 hour volleyball practice. That has also been her new normal for her birthday for the past 3 years. Makes for a hungry girl come dinner.

Waiting for Courtney after her practice was her requested steak, salad and yellow cake cornbread. She grubbed it all up!

 Later that night, we opened her gifts from the family.

 It was a total Apedaile6 family affair as Sarah joined us on Facetime.

 JT got Courtney a new coffee mug and made her a little keychain with her name.

 Sarah's gift was a beautiful Golden Gate photo printed on a page from a Dictionary. It makes for a really unique print.

 Lindsay's gift brought a great surprised look from Courtney. 

 A beginners calligraphy set!

 The expressions kept on coming with our gifts to Courtney!

 A mini Keurig that will follow Courtney to college when she goes. She is our coffee lover for sure!

Loved watching her face when she opened her gifts this year!

 I didn't take a photo of it, but Courtney got a watch. For our girls, they seem to be making a comeback.

 Is this not the coolest cake? Kudos to John for ordering this unique ice cream cake for Courtney.

 Chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookie dough was what waited inside for us to enjoy. It was fabulous!

JT is always ready to pop into a photo.

Make a wish!

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