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Monday, June 21, 2010

12 Month Visit

JT had his 12 month well visit last week. I waited until after he was cast free so  it could be a proper exam and the Dr could look at how JT walks, hip movement,etc.

This was by far JT's most active Dr appt. Usually while we wait JT was content to crawl on the exam table and go to town on the wonderful exam paper that I think all babies love. That was before JT was walking though. JT managed to get into I think everything he could in the 10-15 minutes we waited in the room for the Dr. He was quite frustrated that they baby proofed the cabinets and drawers and would scream at the locked doors as he tired to pull them open. Here is what he did find to occupy his time during his wait:

He started off pretty easy- finishing up his sippy cup of milk. I think it just energized him.

Then after he was weighed the fun began! First he looked at the books.
Then he discovered Dr. Holzen's fun moving seat. He pushed it around the room.
Then it was back to the exam table to pull down nearly all of the magazines and books. He also was trying to see how high he could grab things. Not quite yet JT!
Even better- the book shelf is made for JT to crawl up on and hang out! He loved his little hide-out.

The visit showed JT to be in perfect health right now, Praise God! His ear tubes look great and his ears look perfect. His leg continues to heal well and he is walking normal now with no limping or abnormalities. He did have 2 shots, which JT did not appreciate. He recovered well after about 5 minutes of crying to express the displeasure of me holding him down to be poked twice with a needle.

His weight was 24 pounds and he is now 31 inches tall. I looked back to his 9 months stats and he really has not gained much weight at all- just 1 pound! He did grow 2 inches since then, which I think is quite a bit for being so young. Babies just grow so quick! Maybe learning to walk and being so active is keeping JT from gaining so quickly these days. I know the growth will slow down a lot during this next year. He was in the 70th% for weight and 90th% for height. Long and lean as Dr. Holzen said.

However my boy has a big noggin- he is in the 95th-100th% for head circumference! I knew he kind of has a larger head, but I think its to hold that beautiful potential genius brain of his :) The Dr wasn't concerned about this as he doesn't have any signs that would point to any problems, but I'm sure we will keep an eye out just to be sure.

His next visit will be when he is 15 months. Praying that this next stretch will be quieter. We managed to have ear tubes placed between 6-9 month appointments and have his first cast between 9-12 month appointments. JT can be a high achiever, but not in this department.

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