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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First Haircut

The time has come- JT's first haircut. The girls have been asking us for several weeks, "When is JT getting a haircut? It's too long!!!" I guess John and I were not quite ready. That changed a few days ago and John said when he returned from church camp for middle school that we would go to get JT's first haircut.

We headed to Sports Clips- 1. It's geared to boys/men and 2. We had a free haircut coupon :) I for one was not going to attempt to cut JT's hair because I think he would end up like John because I wouldn't know what I was doing and end up giving him a buzz cut.

When we got there, we met Christina, JT's stylist. I felt more at ease because she is a Mommy as well and I figured she would have a better idea of how to work with JT. JT sat on John's lap and was given a stuffed dinosaur to play with. JT did very well with sitting still and he didn't cry, so double bonus! About 1/2 way through JT was boring a bit with the dinosaur and Christina asked if he could have a lollipop to help him get through the rest of the cut. We figured, sure why not, because it would end up a better cut if JT isn't moving around. Let me tell you, JT LOVED his lollipop! Of course, it's sweet yumminess. He sat so still sucking on his treat, it was entertaining to watch. He also didn't notice when I took it away before we left because after all, I didn't want that sticky yumminess all over his car seat-LOL!

Here is JT's new 'do. I love it because his eye won't be covered with his hair anymore and I think he looks so handsome. Sarah saw his new look but Courtney and Lindsay have not since they are still at camp and due back Wednesday afternoon. I think they will approve.

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