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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

4:39 pm

The time our family changed 1 year ago today and we became The Apedaile 6. God has so richly blessed us with three wonderful girls and he thought a perfect ending to our family was to add a dash of boy to the mix.

JT was actually 3 weeks early. John and I went for our regular weekly appointment on June 1st, I had been dilated between 2-3cm up to that point, but nothing major going labor wise. Much to our surprise, when the Dr examined me, I was dilated to 5cm!!! Since I was Group B +, we needed to keep this in mind because I needed to get some IV meds before my water broke ideally. Since I was half way dilated and JT was baby #4, the Dr didn't want to risk anything and said we were going to deliver the next day. I was ordered to take it easy the rest of the day and go to the hospital the next day.

My body cooperated and we got the needed meds before my water was broken. This was a first for the Apedaile kids, labor with an epidural. Oh my, what a sweet invention this is! I can say this with authority since I delivered 3 without anything but some IV pain meds, epidural is the way to go! I know I can physically endure labor, but it was a much more peaceful, enjoyable process for both myself and John. I even had our good friend, Anna, who works at the hospital visit with us for most of my "labor"!

Our sweet John Thomas arrived at 4:39pm weighing in at 7lbs,15 oz and 20 1/2 inches long. I can't imagine how big he could have been if he "cooked" another 3 weeks!

Like every time before, we fell in love with our precious baby that God graced us with to love and raise the instant we saw him.

Here are 13 chronological snapshots showing how JT has grown over the past year. Starting at birth, they are in 1 month increments.

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