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Friday, June 4, 2010


JT's personal "smash cake".

I'm ready to eat it Daddy! Gimme!!

Wow, They are seriously going to let me play with this wonderful mess?
Sugary yumminess!
Hmm... I think I need some milk to wash this stuff down...

Back for round 2.
Getting to the cake- finally!

This cake makes me thirsty!

Thanks Mommy and Daddy for the great birthday cake!
Headed off to wash this mess up!

The next day, my friend, Noelle brought me a gift.
Wow, a new board book! It's big and it has Elmo in it (whoever that is- Mommy keeps telling me I will love him one day). I love books!
Noelle, I have a little secret to tell you....
I love you! This is how I kiss right now :) Thank you for the present!

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