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Monday, June 14, 2010


The cast has been removed and in exchange, our baby now walks like Frankenstein! We have been assured that this is temporary. As long that is the case, it is pretty comical to watch!

We went to visit Dr. Greene at Vanderbilt Children's Orthopedics this morning. They brought us back to the cast room where JT was in love with the "fancy" bed paper with hand and footprints in primary colors. Then then JT needed to wear hearing protectors for the removal since the saw is pretty noisy and I'm sure it helps the children not be as frightened. I thought JT wouldn't leave them on for more than a few seconds, I was wrong! JT thought the whole removal process was fun and chuckled through out. The nurse replied that he hoped all of his patients would be as good as JT was today :) We then had JT's leg x-rayed again. Dr. Green came in and had a great bedside manner with JT. He said in a nutshell that everything looked great and JT was released from care! Yay! He did mention that JT could limp for as long as 3 weeks as he continues to heal but as long as it doesn't worsen, everything is A OK. Also another big praise is that all blood work looked great, so it was just a simple fall that caused all of this stuff.

Here's to hoping this is my last post about broken bones for a very long time!!

JT's final morning walking on his cast- yep the little stinker mastered walking on his cast after about 4 days!

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