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Friday, June 25, 2010


JT isn't the most verbal baby as of right now. Not that he doesn't talk, just most of what he says aren't "words" that we easily understand. JT does babble a lot so I'm sure he is talking, just not in a way we can understand it as of right now!

We have continued to use sign language to communicate and teach JT to hopefully use a few signs that would be helpful to him. Several months ago JT signed Mommy much to my delight. He now says Mommy all the time, which I love. Yesterday, JT surprised all of us by signing both Please and All Done!

We were preparing dinner and JT is now well aware of when food is out and thinks he must be offered a bite. So while he was reaching up to the counter for food, we asked JT to say please. Much to our surprise, he responded by signing please! Awesome! We proceeded to repeat this new trick with several bites of food.By time we realized we needed to capture this on video, JT was "pleased out" and didn't perform for the camera.

However this morning when feeding JT his oatmeal, JT signed all done to me when he was finished eating. Yay! I thought to video with my phone since it was handy and I got it! JT signed all done and thank you for me. Not sure if blogger is cooperating in uploading my video, but here it is. If the video isn't working, I'll try again later.

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