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Monday, December 9, 2013


     Over Thanksgiving break, we headed to the bowling lanes. Lindsay was given a new, heavier ball from her coach so we wanted to get some time on the lanes before her next match. This also was JT's first time bowling

 We started out with the kid dino ramp for JT.

 JT wanted to "do it myself" when getting the ball. I was happy his big sister was there to help a bit.

 It cracked me up how JT would fling his hand up and leave them in the air as the ball sloooowwwly went do the lane.

 His collegiate bowling sister didn't look very pleased with this shot.

 All of the bowling kids tried their best to adjust the ramp, but it had a mind of it's own.

 Lindsay loving the fact that her Mom was there to take photos.

Lindsay did really well with her new ball. It's 2 pounds heavier and  Sarah and MJ helped to teach her how to throw a little hook.

MJ bowled a few games with the family.

 After the ramp was a bit of a bust, JT took to granny style rolling.

 His shots ended up either far right....

 or left.

 After getting a "kids ball", JT started to chuck it down the lane sideways.

Oops! Foot fault!

 He didn't mind and declared he was doing awesome.

JT did pretty well with a solid 65 for his game. Lindsay and MJ had great games as well.

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