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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Visit to Santa

      For the second year in a row, we went to visit Santa at Bass Pro Shop. Not that we had much of a choice as ever since last year when we visited, JT declared that store was "Santa's house". Even in the heat of the summer JT would say so but clarify, he just wasn't there quite yet. I think with Bass Pro having an outdoorsy log cabin exterior, helps to cement the thought that it could indeed be Santa's house.

     Santa had a bit of a crowd to visit the night we came, so John stood in line while the kids and I explored all of the actives the store sets up.

First, it was the Monster Truck RC's.

JT loved this -of course- and happily drove around the track.

Next, we played at the slot car track. Another big hit.

JT had a blast racing an older boy that was also racing.

The big girls decided to go hunting.

They tried to help JT shoot, but since it was a laser beam that was hard to notice, the interest level was pretty low. 

Then off to a great train set. This was a popular spot, so JT practiced his patience for waiting his turn.

Choo Choo!!!!

The train went forward, backward, and even had a whistle.

Adorable snowman in the middle of the activities.

We rounded off the activities with some bow and arrow action.

Lindsay was a big help in assisting JT.

Then the big moment arrived! Mrs. Claus walked JT up to meet Santa. JT was very excited and wasn't nervous at all. He told Santa he wanted a Hot Wheels 5 pack and some Thomas trains.

Everyone posed for a shot with my camera. Pretty good. 
We then left to recive our free 4x6 photo from the store and consider buying a larger package with more photos to send to family. Fingers crossed.....

This is what we ended up with. Ha ha ha!!! Not sure why our boy decided to give a somewhat petrified expression, but there it is. Santa 2013. Needless to say, we said thanks for the free photo and see you next year.

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