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Monday, December 9, 2013

Decorating the Christmas Tree

     After getting the Christmas tree all situated, the decorating began! Sarah started off by watching while studying, and John took some photos and enjoyed watching the family decked the halls.

The lights! They proved to be a big challenge this year. Not for hanging them, but a large majority of our lights were no longer working. First world problems as John and I say.

After a big of debate and brainstorming, we decided for a new approach this year. We used white and gold lights.

We would string a section of white, then gold.

It was a beautiful result!
After some ribbon was wrapped, it was time for the ornaments!

Sarah took a break and helped decorate.

Me trying to balance out the tree by going for high branches.

Lindsay hanging her ornaments.

Courtney helping and getting an early start to the ugly Christmas sweater season.

Lindsay helped JT quite a bit with his hanging.

or more like she helped to move some of his ornaments. On this single branch there were three or four ornaments.

It was hilarious walking around the tree to see the mass numbers of ornaments at hip level. All part of the fun of the season.

JT set aside a few ornaments to hang on his mini tree in his bedroom.

He then got to place the angel on the top of the tree.

With some help from John ;)

So pretty!

Admiring the beauty of the lights and ornaments.

Love this shot of JT pointing out to John something he noticed.

Up in JT's room, putting on the finishing touches on his tree.

Happy to have a tree in his room.

JT's room feels very festive with his little tree.

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