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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tree Hunting

     With having the entire Apedaile6 crew in town over the Thanksgiving holiday, it was the perfect time to get started on some Christmas decorations. We decided to start with the tree and went on the hunt for the perfect Christmas Tree this past weekend. Yes, we decided to opt for a live tree this year!

     We headed to our nearest tree "farm", Lowe's. Great prices, close to our house, and many to choose from.

On the way to the trees, JT stood by the tallest Christmas inflatable I've ever seen. It could be yours for the low price of $200.

Trees, trees, and more trees! 

We didn't have a particular plan in mind except the tree be "pretty" and between 6-8 feet tall.

So the search began!

Nice thing about a large family with older children is how we can divide and conquer. 
Courtney pulling out a possibility.

With that large group usually comes many opportunities for laughter. The 3 sisters couldn't manage this large tree easily.

My bearded husband looking at this tree. Many looked good in part, but had holes or not quite symmetrical as we wanted.

Nice, but not "the one".

JT offered his help by measuring the trees with a yardstick and declaring them "good or bad".

Finally, the girls found THE TREE!

John carried it up to the front for a fresh cut and to have a few of the bottom branches trimmed.

Made for the perfect time for a kid photo as we waited.

After the tree was trimmed and wrapped, it was off to the van !

JT was excited to see the tree on top of the van. 
Decorating to come...

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