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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

     This past weekend, John and I went to our first ever Ugly Christmas Sweater party. It was for our Small Group from church. Many of the people in this group are the closest thing to nearby family since we live so far away from our true family. We are very thankful for this group and other friends we have made along the away in other Small Groups.

Let the tackiness begin! We found all of these gems at the Goodwill store and I must say we had quite a selection to choose from! I went for a head to toe ensemble with present pants, poinsettia turtleneck, and a oh so perfect sweater. For John, the men's selection wasn't nearly as good, so we helped to embellish a green cardigan. 

Parents who are thrilled for a kid free night!

We all gathered at the Pond house, which was beautifully decorated. All of the ladies looked adorable in their ugly sweaters.

I loved that the guys all participated as well! I think most of the clothing worn was from the women's department, but I guess my gender has this look nailed down.

Our Dirty Santa gifts! Both John and I pulled #1 so we ended up having the very last steal opportunities. John had some killer gifts to choose from such as wine in a box, "Hey Jack" slippers, and a portable men's urinal. He opted for this tool bag. I had many perfect gifts to choose from but kept my E.L.F. total face set. We had lots of laughs with our friends and had a great night.

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  1. Y'all were the best dressed!
    I love this new Christmas background