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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Snow Christmas Trees

     Our family just returned from a wonderful Disney World vacation, but there are so many photos to wade through, I'm continuing to blog some more simple events while I edit the photos. I'm hoping in the next few days to begin posting about Disney.

     In the meantime, enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit with some of the artwork the kids have enjoyed creating.

Any ideas what this will become?

Some paper, a little glue, and white paint is all we needed.

I see a tree starting to take shape!

Mason doing the patented "Pat, Pat" with his tree pieces.

Ella carefully placed her strips of paper to form her tree.

We decorated the trees with some snow. JT started with some "sky" snow.

Mason started with straight lines down the side and then added some snow on the tree.

Ella had a random approach with her snow.

After the sky snow was finished, JT moved on to his tree.

The tongue action has moved on to Mason- ha ha!

3 beautiful snow flocked trees!

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