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Friday, December 27, 2013

Elf Antics

     It was another fun season of having our elf on duty as Christmas approached. I tried to step of my creative game with how Fiddle Ostrich would appear every morning from last year. JT had a lot of fun trying to find Fiddle Ostrich and what silliness he brought for the day.

     Here are a few highlights of some of the fun things Fiddle was up to this year.

Elf Angel in the flour.

Having a bit too much fun with JT's Thomas stickers.

Making his own Christmas tree after the kids made theirs.

 Every Elf needs a balanced diet consisting of syrup and other sugary delights.

 Getting a good view of the Christmas Tree.

 Mischievous Fiddle Ostrich TP'ing our tree.

Caught red handed!

Taking a marshmallow bath in a Santa container.

Playing a board game with some of JT's other toys.

One of JT's favorites, Fiddle Ostrich playing tic tac toe with Stitch.

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