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Friday, June 3, 2011

2nd Birthday

Yesterday was JT's 2nd Birthday!!! Hard to believe that 2 years has already gone by with our little man in our lives. Here are some highlights from yesterday's festivities. Above, a card made by Sarah.

 JT was greeted with this sweet sign that Lindsay made for him. Anytime yesterday if we said, "Happy Birthday JT.", he would run up to the sign and point to it! 

 Then for breakfast, Courtney and Lindsay made chocolate chip "JT 2" pancakes! Yum!!

 In holding with birthday tradition, the birthday boy enjoyed a meal of his choice- pizza! Right now chicken nuggets and pizza are some of his favorites. He looks quite happy here I'd say!

 Birthday boy posing with a few of his gifts.

 JT with Lindsay's gift- handmade, cardboard car! JT loves anything with wheels and he plays with cars all day long. Lindsay created this and painted orange flames on the side and even has the #2 on the front!

 Here JT is opening Courtney's gift. I think he knew before what it was because he started kicking the wrapped present- ha ha!

 A big blue ball!!! Perfect!

 Mommy and Dadddy's gift. I personally think JT would have been satisfied with just the wrap as it was Cars. JT kept looking at the paper and saying Cars...vroooom...

The unveiling of his big present!! A little motorized 4 wheeler!!!

Here is a video of JT opening the present. I am amazed at how JT can identify Sponge Bob despite never really watching the show. His sisters are a fan of the show, so I'm sure he has seen bits and pieces, but I think Sponge Bob is marketed very well.

Here is JT playing inside the car Lindsay designed for him. She drew pictures of things that he really enjoys inside- very thoughtful.

 JT on his new ride!!! He looked a lot bigger on his 4 wheeler than we imagined! It's designed for 18 months-3 years, but somehow he looks beastly on it :)

 JT kept saying Go, go, go!!!

JT's posse following him during his ride around the neighborhood. 

Finally a video of JT in riding action!!!


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