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Friday, June 24, 2011

Little Buddies

     I have mentioned Finn in previous blog entries- he is one of JT's best buds. They have been hanging around each other since they were born. Their Mom's are good friends and teach Sunday school together. I also have the privilege of babysitting Finn several days a week so these 2 boys have spent a lot of time together!
     This week, I took the boys in the backyard for some more pool fun. Then I decided I wanted to do a mini photo shoot that you will see below...

 Both JT and Finn hard at work...

 JT waved at all the passing airplanes.

 Finn showing off his catch of the day.

 Two cuties wrapped up in towels after the pool.

 Here was my "photo shoot". Finn came that day in jean shortalls and I remembered JT had some as well. Thought it would be precious to take their pictures together. The boys gave me this look as if to ask, "You want us to do what? Smile at the same time?"

 They looked at Sarah...

 and made funny faces and looked anywhere but at me...

Finally I got 1 adorable photo of these little buddies- totally worth it!

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