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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Birthday Cake

I couldn't possibly have JT's birthday in just one blog post so this one is just for the cake. I'm sure by time you look at the photos and video, you will understand why the cake deserves it's own post :)

 Here is JT with his own personal cake created by Courtney. She felt he needed to have his own personal cake after getting his own last year. He's still young and Court had such a fun time making it,so sure why not? JT was waiting patiently for us to sing Happy Birthday to him..

 I know the photo quality isn't great, but I just loved seeing JT watch his candle and waiting so still (rare moment here) while something so tempting was just a foot away.

 After we sang, we encouraged JT to blow out his candle. It only took about 3-5 blows, but he did it!

 Taking his first taste of the cake.

 We stripped him down, placed JT in his booster seat, gave him a fork, and let him go! 

 What a mess!!! Had I been thinking this out I would have done the cake earlier in the evening outside. The clean up would have been so much easier! There's always next year...

 Looking at his sisters acknowledging his messy hands.

Love this shot, to me it looks like "not me" type of sentiment.

Enjoy the cake mess. Yes, we will be cleaning the carpets this weekend.

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