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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Water fun with Finn

     It has been unbelievably hot here the past 2 weeks! I guess summer wanted to make an early appearance. 

     Yesterday I decided it would be perfect to fill up our little splash pool in the backyard for JT and Finn to play in. Finn is JT's little buddy and someone that I babysit for regularly who is 3 months younger than JT. The boys had a great time- the water was warm and there were lots of toys to play with.

 Finn's hat came in handy when JT decided to pour some of the water on Finn while playing with the buckets.

 It was next to impossible to get a good shot of both boys together. This was the best of the bunch.

 Then mid-playtime, both boys decided it would be more fun to run around the yard and push some cars!

 JT showing off his mad jumping skills!

 JT and Finn enjoying some seafood- plastic fish and starfish!

The boys had a great time! I think we will be doing this again soon.

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